Monthly Archives: January 2014

Cooking the Books (Part I)

January 27, 20146 Comments

There was a stint where I was buying a new cookbook every week. Some were written by friends. Others were purchased for the photos, like candy for the eyes. A few were written by authors whose tattered-edged, sauce-splattered earlier cookbooks lured me back for more. And of course, I’ve been gifted many a cookbook. When I look at my expansive collection, I am struck by the fact that I’ve made but a narrow sliver of the recipes nestled in their shiny pages. Continue reading ›

A Juicy Story (and a giveaway!)

January 16, 201461 Comments

It’s a bit harder to get a treadmill at the gym these days. And I bet the salad line at the company cafeteria is snaking around the corner. Are they giving out Justin Timberlake concert tickets instead of selling bowls of romaine lettuce at ridiculously high profit margins? Oh, right. It’s January. Continue reading ›

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

January 09, 20146 Comments

Ahh…that’s better. I don’t know about you, but to me it’s always somewhat of a relief to return to normal after the holiday crazies. A typical routine, no reason to wear heels and an absence of egg nog. It was fun while it lasted. And now it’s over. Yes, this is what the doctor ordered. Continue reading ›

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