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Picky Kid Ruining Mealtime?

May 28, 2014Leave a comment

When my first son was three, his favorite food was mussels. I don’t even like mussels. But somehow this kid had developed a taste for salty, briny, strong and pungent. I was admittedly smug though not openly boastful about it, as I knew most parents of toddlers struggled with mealtime. But I took credit, proudly assuming his love of complex flavors resulted from my attentive and excellent parenting. Yes, this was my doing. I patted myself on the back for having produced a child with an adventurous palate. Continue reading ›

Cooking Without Recipes

May 13, 201484 Comments

There are 461 recipes on this site. Most are pretty simple, but a few are complex, with longer ingredient lists and a call for fancier methods and tools. I have made – and photographed – every one of these recipes, some countless times. We’ve had clear winners, disappointing losers and a handful of meh. I’ve tried my best to ensure only the winners make it to you. When I’m scratching my chin wondering what’s for dinner, these 461 recipes are the first I consult. But a funny thing has happened between the time I posted the first recipe (this one!) and the most recent (you don’t want to miss this one, trust me). Continue reading ›

Get Your Plants On (and a give away!)

May 01, 201476 Comments

Remember how I said I’m not buying anymore cookbooks? And that I would instead cook my way through the books I already have? Well, that was a lie. My heart was in the right place when I said it. Despite our culture of continual consumerism, I’ve been working hard to use and appreciate what I already have. Read the books on my shelf. Wear the clothes in my closet. Smear the last dollop of miracle cream under my eyes before falling prey to the claims of tomorrow’s youth-preserving serums. Continue reading ›

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