5 Ideas for the 25 Lbs. of Apples You Picked

October 14, 20142 Comments

Every autumn, there are a few things that happen without fail. Columbus Day, for one…which means no school…which means a long car ride deep into the suburbs of Maryland for an apple picking trip. We get very excited right off the bat. We “test” an apple or two. I warn the kids to take it easy, don’t eat too many. We reach for the fruit on the tallest branches, working together resembling a wobbly pyramid of cheerleaders.

We see who can find the biggest, the smallest, the weirdest. Hopped up on natural sugar, a child realizes apples make great projectiles. I remind the kids that apples are much like baseballs when tossed (I got one in the face last year. Ouch!). Someone gets a tummy ache. And inevitably, we leave the orchard with more apples than ideas for what to do with them. This year, our haul was 25 pounds. Here are a few ideas for you:

1. Make shrunken heads in cider. How funny are these?
2. Make a pomander (a clove-studded whole fruit that’s fragrant).
3. Make a batch of baked apples for a healthy dessert. No recipe needed*! We loved these.
4. Make oatmeal. Simply add peeled and chopped apple into boiling water right along with your oats (and a pinch of salt). Top with walnuts, raisins, a drizzle of maple syrup.
5. Make a stash for later! Tuck some apples in your crisper drawer to use later. Did you know they last for months in there? Months.

*I’ve been doing a lot of recipe-less cooking lately. We made these baked apples over the weekend. I’m delighted to be the latest contributor to Food52‘s “Not Recipes” column – check out my instructions for perfect minestrone without a recipe!

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  1. Lynda says:

    I would love the excuse to pick 25 pounds of apples. I miss the New England fall and all of the apple picking that goes with it!

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