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December 02, 20141 Comment

AliciasPicksWho is already tired of holiday shopping? (My hand just shot up. I’m waving it wildly like it’s urgent.) Cyber Monday isn’t even over yet and the fatigue has settled over me like a wet duvet. Unlike the stereotypical woman, I do not like to shop. But I do love to give gifts. I look for carefully curated collections of special things that are pretty and guaranteed to bring joy to their lucky recipients. Available online? Even better.

I recently popped into the gorgeous and quaint Proper Topper, a DC institution for the style-forward owned by my friend Anna (this is her amazing house, where I’ve hosted a couple spring garden lunches). I had already scoured her website to find unique hostess gifts and a few fun items for the cooks and food lovers in my life. Let’s just say there are a few…ahem.

The assortment I selected is pictured above*. I like to buy a few items to keep on hand for the last minute invitation. Yes, a bottle of wine is always a good bet but during the holidays I feel silly setting my bottle of wine amongst the 46 others wrapped in bows and cloaked in glittery bags. Want to know more about these items? Hop on over to Anna’s blog and get the blow by blow with links and all. How easy is that? Like the stereotypical woman, I’m always happy to share a secret if it’s a good one.

*Photo Courtesy of The Proper Topper

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  1. Anne Book says:

    This store is beautiful and so inspiring. Every time I go in I want to create a party, decorate for a holiday or buy everyone I know a special gift!

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