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November 19, 2010Leave a comment

FALL 2010. PUMPKIN. 11.19.10

We’ve known each other a while now. Six weeks, to be exact. So I think we’re at the point in our relationship where I can be frank with you. This may come as a surprise, so I hope you are seated. Ready?

I don’t lighten up holiday dishes. Not very much, at any rate. I may reduce a little butter here or substitute a bit of half-and-half there, but for the most part these dishes aren’t light. And I make no apologies. Bring me the good stuff and don’t skimp on the trimmings. My strategy is to create holiday dishes as they are intended to be made – with butter, cream and real sugar. When is the last time you had mashed potatoes that were healthy? They aren’t supposed to be! And that’s why they are a treat. These are dishes that wouldn’t appear on my table just any old evening. They are reserved for celebrations and meant to be relished in the company of friends and family. Savor the rich dishes of the season in their full splendor. One day and one plateful (okay, maybe a second helping of stuffing) aren’t a clogged artery going to make. Just be sure to come out of your gravy-induced stupor and resume your regularly scheduled culinary modus operandi before Black Friday is officially over.

Enjoy this week’s lineup – we’ve got everything but the bird. Whether you are hosting The Dinner or bringing a side, something ought to suit your fancy. As such, I’ve omitted the shopping list this week. I am also pleased to welcome my first guest blogger, my colleague and friend Andrea. Andrea is a talented artist of pastry and sugar in her leisure time and her contribution to the Thanksgiving collection is truly a show-stopper. When she brought a sample cranberry-apple crumb pie to the office for me to taste and photograph, I daintily nibbled at a corner or two before proclaiming it blog-worthy. But the situation quickly turned a bit less ladylike and I would have returned for a third piece had it not already been devoured by vultures faster than I. See for yourself.

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